For smiles and health of our customers

What we have always borne in mind is an Eastern medicine approach that “take steps to better your health to prevent disease.” The best way to keep you healthy is using our products regularly. And we have been sincerely working on providing a range of the highest quality products.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in providing our customers with valued products which surpass their expectations. We utilize our own precise quality control measures to produce health food based on our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technologies. And to enhance the quality of our products even further, we continue to refine our existing equipment and facilities and improve our manufacturing process.

High quality

To continuously provide quality products, we learn from our customers about their needs and refine our goods. We receive a lot of feedback from our customers every day. Each and every feedback is an important asset for us. Wtih their frank feedback, we work quickly to adapt our products to meet their wishes.

Ensuring the safety of our food

We promise to bring our customers peace of mind by taking every measure to ensure food safety.

Selecting Ingredients

We have set strict standards in terms of ingredient selection. All our products are manufactured in line with both domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and we also check in accordance with independent standards of an industrial organization.
With each product’s characteristics in mind, we select the regions from which we source ingredients, adopting as strict quality management standards (Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]) as we do for pharmaceuticals. Both in the head office laboratory and external inspection organizations, we conduct testing on agrochemical residues and component analysis, and only use ingredients that meet all our safety standards. Without the use of any artificial coloring or preservative, we are committed to bringing out the natural flavors of our products’ ingredients.


All our products have been produced in an integrated operation in our own factories under our exhaustive quality control system as a pharmaceutical company.
If we were to outsource part of our production process, it would be difficult to oversee every manufacturing step. This is why we believe our integrated operation is the key to the management of the entire manufacturing process. Through the integrated operation, we know which ingredients are used and when.We are committed to providing safe and delicious health foods at our factories.

Quality Control

We provide our customers with health food manufactured in our strictly controlled production process. Each package is carefully inspected visually by machine as well as our personnel. It is then further examined to eliminate defects and contaminants. Only the products that meet our highest inspection standards are then carefully packed and shipped. We strive for improving our products for even higher customer satisfaction.